16th century Love Ballad of Sindh

Moomal of Jaisalmer and Rano Mahendra of Umarkot, Sindh


Kiran Java

1/7/20230 min read

This is a 16th-century love ballad of Sindh. Celebrating the love of Moomal of Jaisalmer and her beau Rano Mahendra of Umerkot, Sindh. Jaisalmer is the last large town near the border and Umerkot is in East Sindh, 60 kms from the border. In 1967, the Indian government, by THE CONSTITUTION (TWENTY-FIRST AMENDMENT) ACT, 1967 included Sindhi in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution. It is the only language with two scripts registered i.e. Perso-Arabic and Devanagri. Dedicated to those men and women who have preserved and promoted a language without a land.